lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Detriktuss (Col) "Dehumanized with Rage" CD

(la verison en español de esta reseña solo en la edicion impresa de OPUSCULO INFERNAL'ZINE IV)


 Bestial and overwhelming Death Black Metal in the vein BELPHEGOR, KRISIUN, HATE (Pol) or the actual BEHEMOTH, metal with a high execution level and quality sound, this work reveals that the return of this brutal band promises to be devastate. Cd pro compound for 10 manifestations of war and rebellion against the judeo-crhistian purulence preceded by a dying intro and a apocalyptic outro chained to the last track. A nazaren subjected in flames (for hands of Alex Okendo from the colombian band Massacre) illustrates the cover of this anti-Semitic artefact.

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