lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Stukstorm (Col) "War for the New Order" Tape

(la verison en español de esta reseña solo en la edicion impresa de OPUSCULO INFERNAL'ZINE IV)


There is the first manifesto of this warlike armored from ..Manizales.. - ....Colombia..... here exposing their more primigenium bombard in 4 detonations "The New Order", "Invasión To The Enemy Field", "Its Awaking Of Destruction","Its Fight For The Power", blitzkrieg on tape pro-cover perpetrated by SOUNDS OF DEATH RECORDS, as a call to arms in fight for the Proudly South American Metal". A raw and dense sound characterizes this demo that marks a starting point to the notable and extreme latent evolution at the present time that leaves great expectation before the next attack.

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