lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Khondor (Col) "Andean Portal" CD

(la verison en español de esta reseña solo en la edicion impresa de OPUSCULO INFERNAL'ZINE IV)


Sublime and unique underground piece in exaltation to the inheritance and Andean cult in Metal form! Compound manifesto for two Ep's recorded in different times into 8 resounding hymns of which 6 are declaimed in English and two is structured in verse and pronounced in Spanish tongue, the musical part travels diverse speeds wittily structured in the Thrash and Black Metal with certain "Ultra Metal" of the old Colombian Metal Medallo influence with an impeccable instrumental execution, in which Andean acoustic instruments stroll so strings as winds, achieving a mixture between force and energy of the steel with the nostalgia and mystic evocation of the wood… to fuse Wood with Metal, Andean Steel!".

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