martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Bulldozing Bastard “Bulldozing the Vatican” RCP 014...

 Return the Crusher of Posers prods proudly announces that the South American tape edition of BULLDOZING BASTARD “Bulldozing the Vatican” is now available and ready to blow the heads of the nastiest BANGERS and whores of the underworld… expect nothing but sheer Black n´Roll Speed Overkill from the streets of the German Underground. Professionally printed tape Limited to 100 hand numbered copies, including extra thick sheet lyrics, certificate of authenticity signed with ink and blood by the band members and label´s representative +  a 3, 2 cms button. Get it for 8 usd (world), $15.000 (Colombia) ask for fair shipping costs, Death dealers, warmongers, fair traders, coins, alcohol, your girls and sisters are more than fucking Welcome!!! HAILZ SATAN
Still available and Few copies left for trade

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